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Cooking “lessons” indeed…

I have done nothing short of abandon my blog as the result of whirlwind classes. The time around classes is pure leisure so it isn’t that there wasn’t time to write- there simply wasn’t much to write. Our classes are in 3 week long blocks and some of these blocks are all about service, portions, production etc. That leaves especially little to write about to be directed at the home cook, so I thought I was done with this project. 

Then I stumbled upon some “Mise en Place” tattoos while plotting my next ink. Why someone would get something that refers to prep-work as a tattoo amused me at first.

to each their own I suppose.

to each their own I suppose.

Then I realized the literal translation is “everything in it’s place” and suddenly it seemed insightful when applied out of context. I looked around my room with nothing in it’s place and I thought about how my current instructor Chef Volke told us that an organized station reflects an organized mind… It’s about time that I carried the passion and discipline I have in the kitchen through to other parts of my life. Somehow, this little reflection has motivates me to start blogging with a new approach.



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